Thank you for shopping at . Please read this policy carefully.
We issue refunds on our products on following terms :

* Full refund within 30 Days, if the customer did not receive a licence at all, via Email. For this, you must report the problem to us on whatsapp, site chat or email

* Product condition – if the customer received a unusable licence – but first must contact our support, to determine that licence is not working due to the licence itself and not by some other means (faulty installation, wrong product installed, malware or virus corruption of system files etc..)

* Method of refund – The refund will be made on the same card with which the payment was made, or in the paypal account from which the payment was made.

* Charges – in case of a refound, the return is free for the customer. everything is free (there is no return shipping fee, restocking fee or any other fees)

* NO REFUND if the customer received a working licence. If you still think you need a refund, the buyer has to contact us via e-mail, whatsapp, or site chat

  • If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us at, whatsapp, or site chat.
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