McAfee Antivirus Total Security 2021 – 1 Device, 5 Year License Key

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~ INSTANT DELIVERY on your email
~ Personalized assistance on whatsapp / telegram (you can access the icon at the bottom right of the page)
~ Validity: 5 year
~ Payment Secure System
~ 100% Activation Success
~ Global License, Electronic certificate
~ Architecture: 32/64 bits
~ Installation method: The installation file will be downloaded from the official website (we provide the download link)
~ Activation method: Online

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Instant Delivery via Email

McAfee® AntiVirus

Essential antivirus protection for your PC so you can browse, bank, and shop safely online

McAfee® AntiVirus, award-winning protection for your PC whenever you’re online.
With a quick install and our always up to date security, it blocks threats using antivirus that’s verified by independent tests
Now backed by our 100%
Guarantee: a McAfee expert will remove a virus for free



  • Key Features



    Key Features

    • Award-Winning Security: Defend against viruses, ransomware and other online threats
    • Safe Web Browsing: Get warned about risky websites and prevent dangerous downloads 
    • Firewall Security: Keep hackers & malware from attacking your PC by blocking access
    • Free Customer Support: Contact us by phone, chat or online for the life of your subscription
    • Virus Protection Pledge: Providing you with the confidence that if your PC gets a virus a McAfee expert will remove it, or your money back!



  • McAfee Antivirus


    Award-Winning Antivirus

    Easy to use security from a name you trust

    • Block viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, unwanted programs and more on your PC
    • Safe web-browsing: Avoid risky websites and prevent dangerous downloads


  • McAfee Antivirus


    Virus Protection Pledge- 100% Guarantee

    100% Guarantee
    McAfee® Total Protection is backed by our 100% Guarantee providing you with the confidence that if your PC gets a virus a McAfee expert will remove it, or your money back!
    Requires enrollment in auto-renewal service; additional terms apply. 



  • McAfee Antivirus


    Beyond Antivirus

    Go beyond Antivirus with rich features


    • Protect your Identity & Privacy: Permanently delete files from your PC. Ideal for tax or financial information, and personal files
    • Keep your PC running smoothly: McAfee® QuickClean™ Tool removes cookies and temp files that track you online
    • Always Up to Date: Our software is automatically updated, to ensure you have the latest protection


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92 Reviews For This Product

  1. 92

    by Harper Moore

    it’s also worth spending on an increased security license.

  2. 92

    by Silver Fisher

    Everything went very well, the Key worked perfectly.

  3. 92

    by Terry Gardner

    came quite hard on email, their response was that the robot crashed due to many commands

  4. 92

    by Brook Jackson

    Very good price, speed in taking orders.

  5. 92

    by River Powell

    Note 10

  6. 92

    by Mel Patel

    they have regular promotions

  7. 92

    by Jessie Bailey


  8. 92

    by Ash Johnson

    Buy with confidence

  9. 92

    by Noel Gibson

    5 stars for the product, I think that says it all;

  10. 92

    by Erin Fisher

    Works perfectly. Very friendly staff and ready to help at any time. Thank you.

  11. 92

    by Skylar Murray

    The products were delivered quickly and safely! There were no problems

  12. 92

    by Franky Evans

    The product works great

  13. 92

    by Gale Mccarthy


  14. 92

    by Chris Gray

    Received the license by email in less than an hour, I activated Windows already installed in 2 minutes.

  15. 92

    by Caden Taylor

    I am satisfied with the purchase

  16. 92

    by Jessie Bailey

    – very good support

  17. 92

    by Skyler Wilson

    versus: nothing

  18. 92

    by Lesley Cooke

    10/10 I recommend

  19. 92

    by Jo Chapman

    Helpful customer support and the buying process was easy

  20. 92

    by Charlie Price

    Fast communication, quick response to my requests, fast emails.

  21. 92

    by Kiran Lawrence

    I recommend, very fast No problems. Thank you.

  22. 92

    by Steff Griffiths

    Friendly interface !!

  23. 92

    by Erin Ross

    Very satisfied. Everything was resolved quickly

  24. 92

    by Logan Holmes

    Product ok.

  25. 92

    by Jess Evans

    I am very pleased. I had an initial problem, I tried to change the license directly from Windows Home, believing that a higher license is valid for any lower version. I sent an email to the seller, who called me almost immediately and clarified. I also had to change some Windows security settings to temporarily reduce the level of Security Defender and firewall, and now I have a valid Windows Pro 64-bit system, up and running

  26. 92

    by Bailey Turner

    Excellent, I recommend 100

  27. 92

    by Casey Atkinson

    – 1 computer from which to download the installation kit in advance

  28. 92

    by Drew Brooks

    Everything is ok. License and invoice by email, easy installation. I recommend

  29. 92

    by Danni Murphy

    It works without a problem

  30. 92

    by Skye Morris

    Make a BOOT on the stick and follow the steps.

  31. 92

    by Cory Cunningham

    The kit makes partitions, formats, according to everyone’s needs.

  32. 92

    by Jahn Door


  33. 92

    by Clem Smith

    Activation without problems.

  34. 92

    by Sidney Kennedy

    Is very good

  35. 92

    by Hayden Clarke

    Very good price, speed in taking orders.

  36. 92

    by Cameron Butler


  37. 92

    by Skye Burton

    The license is the license

  38. 92

    by Blair Murphy

    easy to buy, prompt response

  39. 92

    by Brook Stevens

    It’s ok

  40. 92

    by Kai Matthews


  41. 92

    by Billie Gibson

    I am very pleased.

  42. 92

    by Robin Ward

    I recommend with confidence.

  43. 92

    by Mason Duncan

    Works perfectly It was installed, easy, fast and after 2 weeks of use I am extremely satisfied.

  44. 92

    by Bailey Atkinson

    I recommend.

  45. 92

    by Justice Sutton

    Excellent services. I got it very quickly

  46. 92

    by Marley Carr

    Thanks The e-mail containing the product key arrived immediately, and in 2 minutes I activated the license without any problems

  47. 92

    by Bennie Roberts

    Excellent… Best Windows… Very easy to install

  48. 92

    by Jaden Harvey

    Very simple process. I immediately received the license by e-mail, it’s perfect!

  49. 92

    by Casey Spencer

    I recommend using the original programs

  50. 92

    by Mason George

    – internet connection for the computer on which it is installed

  51. 92

    by Bennie Bradley

    Trusty seller,

  52. 92

    by Bev Thomas

    Without a doubt and maybe the best Windows so far

  53. 92

    by Alex Pearce

    all instant

  54. 92

    by Avery Cunningham


  55. 92

    by Rene Richardson

    I received the activation key and instructions by email the next day. Very good price probably OEM licenses, I did not test to transfer the license to another PC. I bought the license to do some cusomization on windows, I already had it installed. If you just want to use your PC normally, you don’t need an activation key, but at such an affordable price, it’s worth it just to get rid of the activation watermark:

  56. 92

    by Blake Burke

    I use it for gaming and I like it

  57. 92

    by Noel Byrne

    Simple and fast. Very good service.

  58. 92

    by Hayden Wood

    activation went smoothly

  59. 92

    by Kai Moss

    my computer will be happier

  60. 92

    by Steff Barrett

    Compared to windows 8.0, 8.1 / pro, windows 10 runs excellently, a superb design,

  61. 92

    by Rene Carr

    Perfect, I received the key directly on the invoice. It went with the original Windows 10, downloaded from Microsoft, put on a stick.

  62. 92

    by Leslie Watts

    very professional

  63. 92

    by Franky Perry

    product delivered on time

  64. 92

    by Franky Phillips

    Note 10.

  65. 92

    by Ash Armstrong

    PRO: good quality

  66. 92

    by Hayden Ball

    It worked immediately, it’s worth the money

  67. 92

    by Gail Parker

    moves well

  68. 92

    by Harley Powell

    Useful, good price!

  69. 92

    by Fran Barnes

    very good

  70. 92

    by Sam Moss

    It went well

  71. 92

    by Jess Baxter

    Easy to install, the following are required:

  72. 92

    by Jody May

    License in order. Easy and fast activation.

  73. 92

    by Tyler Knight

    I’m pleased. I’ll see how it evolves, but I don’t think I’ll have any problems.

  74. 92

    by Aaren Byrne

    Very satisfied with the product

  75. 92

    by Danni West

    Value for money OK

  76. 92

    by Rene Pearson

    It’s OK, an update is required after installation. The product key is OK

  77. 92

    by Jess Cook


  78. 92

    by Blake Ellis

    Thank you!

  79. 92

    by Alexis Fraser

    – very good price

  80. 92

    by Ali Bailey

    I got the code

  81. 92

    by Bret Price

    the code received worked very well.

  82. 92

    by Mason Brooks

    Very simple process. I immediately received the license by e-mail with all the necessary instructions.

  83. 92

    by Jude Booth

    – 1 8GB stick for the installation kit

  84. 92

    by Harley White

    Works perfectly The license came with instructions for use.

  85. 92

    by Jaime Anderson


  86. 92

    by Jesse Gordon

    I received the code by email a few minutes after the order

  87. 92

    by Jude Barker

    – I also failed to download the ISO image from Windows 7 (I only managed from Windows 10)

  88. 92

    by Alexis Bates

    I don’t know much about this antivirus, but I got it because it’s a good price. currently working

  89. 92

    by Ray Lane

    It worked without problems.

  90. 92

    by Mason Palmer

    I received all the information very quickly, it was activated without any problems

  91. 92

    by Kiran Ball

    I don’t have a virus on it, so I downloaded a lot of games (I don’t promote piracy)

  92. 92

    by Lane Cunningham

    I received the invoice with the license codes.

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McAfee Antivirus 2021 – 1 Device 1 Year License Key

McAfee Antivirus Total Security 2021 – 1 Device, 5 Year License Key

39,99 100,00  (-60%)

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