Office 365 Windows/MAC/Andoid/Iphone 2 year Warranty License Account

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~ INSTANT DELIVERY on your email
~ Personalized assistance on whatsapp / telegram (you can access the icon at the bottom right of the page)
~ Payment Secure System
~ 100% Activation Success
~ Global License
~ Architecture: 32/64 bits
~ Installation method: The installation file will be downloaded from the Microsoft website (when you buy you will receive the download link & instructions)
~ Activation method: Online

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Instant Delivery via Email

Office 365.

At office 365, the license is delivered as a username and password, and when you first log in, change the original password to a personal password.
After that you will log in with that default user and personal password, for download and office use.
The advantage is that it can be used on MAC devices.
The account has a warranty period of 2 years

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213 Reviews For This Product

  1. 213

    by Max Tanner

    I bought this license together with an office license. I had some emotions because the license was a little late (about 7 hours), but after the license arrived, everything went ok. I recommend!

  2. 213

    by Jasmine Marks

    Good both licenses!

  3. 213

    by Huxley Altman

    Checked, it’s ok

  4. 213

    by Tristão Correia


  5. 213

    by Nicholas McCrae

    Prompt and useful!

  6. 213

    by Maverick Brant

    It worked very well.

  7. 213

    by Luciano Alvim

    It works very well and the support reacts promptly

  8. 213

    by Sławomir Garstka

    Prompt and answers to any questions. I recommend! 🙂👏

  9. 213

    by Dores de Lima

    Thank you for your help

  10. 213

    by Fábio Gouveia

    I recommend the products. The support team is professional

  11. 213

    by Gerard Chmiel

    Windows has been activated since

  12. 213

    by Jakob Bond

    At OFFICE, however, he said that too much was activated on that series. I called MS on the phone and the robot gave me the activation code by phone. When he asked me how many licenses I activated for this series I typed 1. 👍👍👍

  13. 213

    by Julia Douglas

    Easy to install. I followed the steps in the email received with the Product Key of the operating system and I did not encounter any problems.

  14. 213

    by Oliver Arbour

    I also ordered Office 2019 Pro Plus and installed it without problems according to the instructions received by email and both products are activated and functional.

  15. 213

    by Calixta Seixas

    Last time, I saw the offer now approx. 2 months. I no longer expected such an offer. It’s perfect. Don’t miss the opportunity and the offer! 👍

  16. 213

    by Hugo Agostinho

    I bought it and it’s ok

  17. 213

    by Tomasz Kocik

    I think I’ll get one too, it’s a shame to miss the offer!

  18. 213

    by Rodolfo Corte-Real

    very prompt.satisfied

  19. 213

    by Tanner Newton

    I just took Windows. It works perfectly. The only “comma“ I had was that I had to delete all my hard drive due to this error (the solution can be found on YouTube). But it has nothing to do with the product itself. So, I recommend.

  20. 213

    by Zuzanna Giertych

    The licenses came electronically within 2 minutes after payment, the installation performed according to the merchant’s instructions went well, without errors. We are waiting to see the behavior along the way.

  21. 213

    by Norbert Kluz

    I bought this package! It’s very Ok, it works, I recommend!

  22. 213

    by Jesse Gale

    I can only say that it deserves its 5 stars. I bought both for myself and for colleagues or friends and we were satisfied with the products and especially the quality of the service provided. I recommend 100%!

  23. 213

    by Gunner Clifton

    I have to admit I had a crack win.

  24. 213

    by Caio Monteiro

    It works perfectly … it’s not sharp. At the office you need a little attention but it’s ok.

  25. 213

    by Edgar Freire

    I also upgraded and it was ok, I also checked the authenticity of the product, no problem

  26. 213

    by Wilhelm Mankowski

    I bought it yesterday, it’s perfect, it works.

  27. 213

    by Jeremy Shields

    Accessed the web pages directly from the mail and everything went perfectly, without errors.

  28. 213

    by Eleonora Lenska

    I am a simple customer !!! 5 minutes ago I installed the Office suite, everything intuitive, download link, installation / code entry, etc. I appreciate the seriousness, everything is activated and all right !!! I only activated the Office suite, the key for Windows I haven’t activated yet, I’ll do it later. It is important to have an image emulator on your computer (iso, nrg, img etc) like Daemon Tool (best, I recommend) or Ultra Iso etc to open the downloaded image with the extension .img then I recommend you take a picture with your phone at that Installation ID (that suite of codes to be written in Executables (word, excel, ppt, outlook, etc.), after installing and activating, you find them in the root (usually in C, Microsoft Office, then root then Office 16), to create shortcuts on the screen. I appreciate the professionalism and seriousness !!! Keep it up !!!P.S. : I’m already sending the links with the offer to friends (attention !!! I’m just a SATISFIED customer) !!

  29. 213

    by Kyle Bagshaw

    promptness, seriousness, works, no problems.

  30. 213

    by Ryder Doyle

    I also bought 30 minutes I had my licenses activated.

  31. 213

    by Ellis Point

    No issues with payment, key sent fast to my email, key worked when entered. A+

  32. 213

    by Francisco Albuquerque

    I bought, the licenses work

  33. 213

    by Witalis Musil

    I bought 2 packages of Windows 10 and Office …

  34. 213

    by Katarzyna Wieczorkowska

    Licence is worth much more than I paid

  35. 213

    by Ronaldo Valente

    I took 3 Windows packages. All 3 were ok!

  36. 213

    by Raquel Agostinho

    Honestly, I was a little restrained. That’s until I associated w10 activation with my microsoft account. It’s sure . I recommend a Microsoft account and you can forget about problems. Leave or enable the update option.

  37. 213

    by Gaj Zablocki

    Thanks to the team

  38. 213

    by Korneli Brzycki

    I recommend! I bought this package and I am very satisfied, serious and helpful in activating it.

  39. 213

    by Lukas Calder

    I received the code in time and I am satisfied. I recommend this site!

  40. 213

    by Makenna Burt

    I quickly received the license and the instructions by email and everything went very well!

  41. 213

    by Ângela Câmara

    I recommend …

  42. 213

    by Archer Mitchell

    Complete installation, without problems.

  43. 213

    by Monika Karpel

    Top Produkt.

  44. 213

    by Liana Guimarães

    I bought it earlier and it went, still going, with online validation at Microsoft.

  45. 213

    by Brady Mercer

    Very promptly, within 10 minutes of payment I received the code and it was activated without any problems

  46. 213

    by Sophie Cardinal


  47. 213

    by Barrett Kelly

    Congratulations on the products and what you do! I was really thinking when I bought my laptop that I put a cart of money on it and I didn’t have windows and when I saw the official prices I put my hands on my head. Good luck to you, the best prices for the pocket of man in this field.

  48. 213

    by Valéria Magalhães

    I recommend with confidence !!! It works perfectly. Benefit from all the necessary support from the seller, maximum professionalism.

  49. 213

    by Landon Manuel

    Everything went perfectly respecting the activation steps specified in the email that came with the license code.

  50. 213

    by Amy Ostell

    Purchased and installed both products today

  51. 213

    by Raimundo Passos

    Paid, received activated! Only Windows

  52. 213

    by Daniela Zychowska

    Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction

  53. 213

    by Myla Wiseman

    Thank you!

  54. 213

    by Thaís Pinto

    Thank you!

  55. 213

    by Tessa Ewart

    Everything went very smoothly.

  56. 213

    by Saturnino Braga

    I bought..function perfectly..very satisfied

  57. 213

    by Brady Reid

    The cheapest offer.

  58. 213

    by Kinsley Doyle

    Happy Birthday !!!

  59. 213

    by Leandra Reis

    I got

  60. 213

    by Carminho Henriques

    Instructions and links required with tutorials, in email

  61. 213

    by Kinley Baker

    Confirmation of the purchase was very quick. About 15 minutes received the email with Product Key.

  62. 213

    by Chwalimir Zadrozny

    I finally managed to activate. Make sure you have the correct version of windows installed before applying the code

  63. 213

    by Antonin Niewiarowski

    I would also like to say thank you to all your staff

  64. 213

    by Zoe Irving

    I solved?

  65. 213

    by Amando de Sá

    The license is valid for a single PC

  66. 213

    by Gustaw Zmuda

    I also activated win and office without any problems

  67. 213

    by Emiliana Valente

    I bought it too, I received the email in 2 minutes and the codes are there. nice job guys, keep at it!

  68. 213

    by Urszula Grudzinska

    I would be lost without licence. No matter where you go, licence is the coolest, most happening thing around! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for

  69. 213

    by Virgílio Vasconcelos

    Very prompt, and nice! Thank you!

  70. 213

    by Audrey Brockhouse

    it’s really ok!

  71. 213

    by Chase North

    I recommend.

  72. 213

    by Walerian Debski

    I bought it and I am satisfied!

  73. 213

    by Rosalie Bailey

    too cheap. Then I thought that if I lose this money, that it’s a sting, it’s worth a try. Then I placed the order somewhere at 14.00 and it said that in a maximum of 2 hours I must receive a licensed mail. It’s been 3 hours, I said it’s clear. I left home and somewhere after about 7 hours, around 9 pm I received the license mail. I activated it after the steps received in the mail and everything went perfectly. I recommend!

  74. 213

    by Victoria Young

    Serious and punctual. I recommend!

  75. 213

    by Lurdes Couto

    I solved it too.

  76. 213

    by Roman Asper

    Healthy and cheerful with your loved ones

  77. 213

    by Patrício Bandeira

    First license purchased win + office

  78. 213

    by Jayce Taylor

    But once I received it, it was activated without any problems, I also updated from Windows Home to Pro. recommend

  79. 213

    by Madalena Martins

    It’s really ok, in less than 5 minutes I received the codes. Thank you.

  80. 213

    by Gloria Rodrigues

    Everything lasted 3 minutes.

  81. 213

    by Klementyna Bartol

    Really good. Absolutely wonderful! It’s incredible. Thanks to licence, we’ve just launched our 5th website!“

  82. 213

    by Wandelin Jaroszewski

    Top!!!!, good Support .Vielen Dank,gerne wieder!

  83. 213

    by Lucy Ostell

    I also ordered Windows 10 Pro and installed it without problems according to the instructions received by email and both products are activated and functional.

  84. 213

    by Arya Hall

    It’s a good license

  85. 213

    by Victor Thompson

    I can’t use it, i get Error Code: 0x426-0x1

  86. 213

    by Zé Hernandes

    I bought it twice but with Revolut and there were no problems

  87. 213

    by Silvestre Sá

    I bought it today. I go perfectly

  88. 213

    by Florencio Coutinho

    The offer is still valid

  89. 213

    by Krystyna Mikus

    Perfect. Thank You!

  90. 213

    by Cyryl Pater

    Quick response

  91. 213

    by Aleksanda Jaros

    Fast expedition, Thanks you very much. Everything OK !

  92. 213

    by Paula Tara


  93. 213

    by Artur Mendonça

    yesterday I placed the order and in a few minutes I received it … and today I installed it brilliantly … !!!!

  94. 213

    by Sławomir Borawski

    You can install it as many times as you want and when you want, without a deadline or expiration time.

  95. 213

    by Kacper Zamorski

    Purchased and activated without problems

  96. 213

    by Ariel Till

    it’s almost free

  97. 213

    by Colton Young

    It works perfectly

  98. 213

    by Wilson Valente

    I recommend. And I activated win 10 pro and Office ProPlus very simply and quickly in Super Offer.

  99. 213

    by Aniela Gawlak

    highly recommended.

  100. 213

    by Emily Nelson

    They are serious

  101. 213

    by Paula Pabian

    Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.

  102. 213

    by Kane Wellington

    I recommend with confidence.

  103. 213

    by James Snow

    Everything went perfectly. I bought the license for a new laptop that arrived with Free DOS.

  104. 213

    by Hugo Grant

    everything is good and wonderful

  105. 213

    by Geraldo Machado

    Paid with revolut.

  106. 213

    by Talia Harris

    I recommend with confidence!

  107. 213

    by Iwan Para

    I bought 2 and immediately received the licenses by email. I installed them and they work without problems.

  108. 213

    by Adelaide Mendes

    I recommend, they are serious. 2 hours ago I think, I got the license and activated win.

  109. 213

    by Carlos Passos

    Super ok and fast. In case of problems, the reaction time is very short, in the future I will only work with them 🙂

  110. 213

    by Jaden Hawley


  111. 213

    by Alfredo Valente

    Super fast and easy to install … Thank you very much!

  112. 213

    by Kevin Siqueira

    I got two licenses. Everything OK! The site is serious and the services prompt

  113. 213

    by Efigénia Resendes

    It works ok especially if you follow the steps communicated by email.

  114. 213

    by Ellie Staples

    Prompt and useful!

  115. 213

    by Adelina Agostinho


  116. 213

    by Gil Medeiros

    I bought a Windows 10 license, and I activated it without any problems 😁

  117. 213

    by Nico Wellington

    Everything OK. It was a small real-time chat problem. I recommend!

  118. 213

    by John Piers

    Ok, fast and efficient.

  119. 213

    by Melissa Peres


  120. 213

    by Elliot Granholm

    It worked. No extra steps. Finally got Windows 10 legit on my Macbook’s partition.

  121. 213

    by Noah Bear

    It’s not a spike I bought and I’m ok

  122. 213

    by Layla Marks

    Clear and correct explanation from the team In about 10 minutes I had the invoice and the details by email

  123. 213

    by Luke Preston

    Operation and correct order resolution

  124. 213

    by Anabela Hernandes

    Hello! I paid last week

  125. 213

    by Avery Wilson

    I had doubts, it took a while to receive the email with the activation key.

  126. 213

    by Walenty Boczar

    Very easy to use. I can’t say enough about

  127. 213

    by Cruz Varela

    I join those who confirm that everything is fine, the codes are good, and if you encounter problems, you are given help. 👍

  128. 213

    by Emerson Day

    From the Microsoft website. Then just enter the codes received by email from the company.

  129. 213

    by Ellis Paull

    In 20 minutes I received an email and I did my job

  130. 213

    by Matthew Hayden

    The only issue was activating “by phone“. The site that should generate the confirmation code did not work, so I even had to call the Microsoft number and activate it by phone.

  131. 213

    by Rory Stewart

    Excellent price quality

  132. 213

    by Katarzyna Boch

    I use licence often. Licence impressed me on multiple levels. Licence has completely surpassed our expectations. I wish I would have thought of it first

  133. 213

    by Gaj Kubat

    I couldn’t have asked for more than this. I wish I would have thought of it first. Buy this now

  134. 213

    by Daniel Allan

    I took it, activated it. Everything OK.

  135. 213

    by Parker Hawley

    Thank you very much

  136. 213

    by Fátima Faria

    I activated windows and office successfully

  137. 213

    by Teodósio Monteiro

    I bought, I activated the key, it works

  138. 213

    by Marlena Krygowska

    I’m okay, I bought both. Fast email support

  139. 213

    by Tucker Wheeler

    I bought it yesterday, installed it today without any problems

  140. 213

    by Tomasz Wasko

    Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.

  141. 213

    by Edu Seabra

    – At Office it’s a bit weirder

  142. 213

    by Hugo Ward

    Very nice. Tested by me. I use licensed Windows, licensed antivirus, licensed office suite. This is the recipe for a computer installed correctly and ready for online payments and work from home. I recommend with confidence.

  143. 213

    by Amor Cerqueira

    I bought it yesterday and I received instant mail. Everything is OK

  144. 213

    by Benigno Ribeiro

    Bought today, paid with Revolut, email arrived in 2 minutes after payment, activation without problems!

  145. 213

    by Maxwell Brown

    I bought the licenses for win 10 pro + Office 2019 pro and I activated them today (office phone – it’s a robot that answers). Everything went perfectly. Thank you!

  146. 213

    by Doroteia Valente


  147. 213

    by Tanner Ross

    it’s valid

  148. 213

    by Rajmund Michalik


  149. 213

    by Mara Amorim

    I still activated Windows

  150. 213

    by Tristão Vasconcelos

    I bought, I recommend!

  151. 213

    by Wesley Robins

    I recommend products

  152. 213

    by Grace Rogers

    I recommend with confidence!

  153. 213

    by Nathan Law

    very professional

  154. 213

    by Savannah Mainse

    Thank you!

  155. 213

    by Aristides Leitão

    It works, it’s worth it, follow the instructions, don’t post in vain because it doesn’t work, spike … Step by step and it works great, activation by phone.

  156. 213

    by Kwiatosław Kendzior

    Bought now online

  157. 213

    by Túlio Martins

    Bought today office, key income by email in 5 minutes, installed, activated according to instructions. Go razor! Thank you!

  158. 213

    by Lara Garcia

    – Win10 works automatically.

  159. 213

    by Remigiusz Olszanski


  160. 213

    by Robert Bain

    Super reliable. I bought and in 10 minutes I had the license by mail. I recommend with confidence.

  161. 213

    by Kevin Gallant

    My retail code for Windows 10 Pro arrived fast via email, and worked without issue to activate my copy of the OS. Using the following 4 step guide, I confirmed that my copy was retail (not OEM or volume):

  162. 213

    by Bennett Bailey

    Good job!

  163. 213

    by Joel Bandeira

    I recommend, I just bought a package and it went very well following the steps in the email. Thank you very much!

  164. 213

    by Amor Pinho

    I received the codes instantly after payment

  165. 213

    by Rodrigo Queiroz

    is a license for a computer. And Windows and Office.

  166. 213

    by Iwona Bocian

    excellent 5/6

  167. 213

    by Maddox Nevin

    Thank you.

  168. 213

    by Lucy Boyle

    Easy to install. It works without a problem. I recommend.

  169. 213

    by Maximus Buck

    I recommend! works perfectly

  170. 213

    by Aldina Gonçalves

    I recommend! It works 100%!

  171. 213

    by Malik Gale

    Product ok

  172. 213

    by Kingston Martin

    The only problem was that I had to activate by phone.

  173. 213

    by Serafina de Sá

    I come back with a clarification, I managed to install with the phone.

  174. 213

    by Eliza Mitchell

    I paid and it worked immediately. Thank you!

  175. 213

    by Charles Sim

    I bought the licenses and activated them (office and win 10) successfully !!

  176. 213

    by Tenley Hill

    Very fast delivery. Very easy to install

  177. 213

    by Juliana Ferreira

    Both work

  178. 213

    by Milena Repinska

    Super Fast, thank you!

  179. 213

    by Fábia Rego

    Everything OK!

  180. 213

    by Safira Duarte

    I also bought the Windows + Office package at a reduced price 3 days ago, very satisfied with the price but also with how both work. Thank you😗

  181. 213

    by Kamil Kor

    Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++

  182. 213

    by Custódio Barbosa

    I bought, I hope it’s not a spike

  183. 213

    by Victorino Ramos

    I bought this package today

  184. 213

    by Balduíno Freire

    Everything is fine, I recommend!

  185. 213

    by Maximus Brown

    I’ll take more.

  186. 213

    by Horacy Basista

    It’s ok win and office👍, no problems

  187. 213

    by Gunner Merritt

    I already got 2 licenses that were activated without any problems. After making the payment, you will receive the digital license by e-mail in 2 minutes!

  188. 213

    by Sawyer Gesner

    I had doubts at first, much too cheap and easy to obtain. But, here it is possible!

  189. 213

    by Michael Menton

    Very good

  190. 213

    by Nolan Newton

    I uninstalled the crack and logged in to Microsoft without any problems.

  191. 213

    by Timothy Allan

    Verified … ok

  192. 213

    by Amy Thatcher

    Very good price

  193. 213

    by Diogo Torres

    I highly recommend it!

  194. 213

    by Joanna Piechocka

    Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!!

  195. 213

    by Samantha Molson

    Great 👍. Good job.

  196. 213

    by Finn Gill

    I quickly received the license and the instructions by email and everything went very well!

  197. 213

    by Esmeralda Valente

    Win 10 – 32 bit went smoothly

  198. 213

    by Taís Oliveira

    It’s not a spike. Immediately after payment I received the installation keys. The first step I installed windows. Now step 2 is being installed.

  199. 213

    by Eduardo Saraiva

    I bought the package. For now, everything is ok

  200. 213

    by Ksenia Zbikowska


  201. 213

    by Paulino Alcantara

    Bought and activated, so far everything is ok.

  202. 213

    by Noah McLaughlin

    Bought a key here, got it immediately! Now I have my real licence of Windows 10 Pro

  203. 213

    by Beckett Baldwin

    Thank you!

  204. 213

    by Cash Harris

    The license was received quickly, it was activated immediately and without problems.

  205. 213

    by Urban Miga


  206. 213

    by Tucker Merritt

    I’m very glad about using Windows 10 Pro 64 Retail. It was easy to install it and it is easy to using it.

  207. 213

    by Gertrudes Vidal

    I recommend. 10 pro functional.

  208. 213

    by Kai Jacks

    Easy to install. I followed the steps in the email I received and there were no problems.

  209. 213

    by Lincoln Harper

    Thank you !

  210. 213

    by Iris Aceron

    That’s exactly what I wanted. Multilingual and grammar checker.

  211. 213

    by Norbert Kluz

    I bought, I installed, it works

  212. 213

    by Oscar Borges

    I took it, inserted the key and it worked perfectly. Thank you

  213. 213

    by Feliks Mleczko

    Keep up the excellent work. Best. Product. Ever!

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Microsoft Office 365 Windows-MAC-Andoid-Iphone 2 year Warranty License Account

Office 365 Windows/MAC/Andoid/Iphone 2 year Warranty License Account

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