PACKAGE Windows 10 Pro & Office 2019 Pro Plus License Key (Online Activation)

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~ For technical reasons, we cannot schedule the site to deliver products in the “packages” category instantly, but we will personally take care of the delivery as soon as possible
~ Fast delivery on your email
~ Personalized assistance on whatsapp / telegram (you can access the icon at the bottom right of the page)
~ Validity: Unlimited
~ Payment Secure System
~ 100% Activation Success
~ Global License, Electronic certificate
~ Architecture: 32/64 bits
~ Installation method: The installation file will be downloaded from the official website (we provide the download link)

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Windows 10 Pro Retail 32/64 bit License Key

Office 2019 Pro Plus Retail 32/64 bit License Key (Online Activation)

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196 Reviews For This Product

  1. 196

    by Enkelan Daci

    It’s ok win and office👍, no problems

  2. 196

    by Maurício Guedes

    It was easy and fast.

  3. 196

    by Shen Pun

    I bought. Both products have been activated, everything is ok!

  4. 196

    by Izabel Yoshimura was worth a fortune to my company. It’s really wonderful. I will let my mum know about this, she could really make use of

  5. 196

    by Deng Kou

    Within minutes of payment I received the codes. Office activation is more difficult but I received instructions by email. On windows it’s super easy.

  6. 196

    by Marcelo Henriques

    We’ve seen amazing results already. Wow what great service, I love it!

  7. 196

    by Augusto Álvarez

    We’ve seen amazing results already. I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours! Wow what great service, I love it!

  8. 196

    by Duan An

    I bought the package and just installed the office and it worked.

  9. 196

    by Lian Fong

    I took them a second time. I received the codes in a few seconds by email!

  10. 196

    by Qian Ni

    I bought yesterday, win pro + office 2019 licenses! recommend

  11. 196

    by Bledaret Peco

    Windows has been activated since

  12. 196

    by Joaquim Hashimoto

    I am completely blown away. Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%

  13. 196

    by Poliane Prado

    Office 2016 was the best investment I ever made. We’re loving it

  14. 196

    by Lorenzo Leitão

    Serial key is worth much more than I paid

  15. 196

    by Elísio Sato

    It’s really wonderful.

  16. 196

    by Ahmet Meksi

    Bought now online

  17. 196

    by Sun Dang

    Today I purchased Office 2019, I installed and activated it according to the instructions

  18. 196

    by Renan Freitas

    WOW! Thank you so much! I will leave a review mentioning your incredible customer service and how satisfied I am with your products.

  19. 196

    by Joana Tavares

    if you aren’t sure, always go for

  20. 196

    by Mo Ming

    I bought it yesterday. Both licenses were activated immediately! Super satisfied!

  21. 196

    by Zi Shum

    In less than 5 minutes from the payment I had Windows activated! Hats off in front of you

  22. 196

    by Érica Rosário

    service did exactly what you said it does. Definitely worth the investment.

  23. 196

    by Maitê Nakata

    We can’t understand how we’ve been living without office 2018

  24. 196

    by Ladan Vulaj

    I bought, I installed, it works

  25. 196

    by Borek Fišer

    I only activated Windows without any hassle.

  26. 196

    by Tian Mau

    Absolutely wonderful

  27. 196

    by Valdemar Ztratil

    I recommend. I chose the Windows package with Office and everything worked from the first try. At Office you need to install with the pdf file. open to follow step by step what you need to do and even load the activation pages from the links displayed in pdf. Now for squirrels who want something other than an activated and functional software such as this product, all they have to do is buy with a license from the store. For me at home it is perfect that I can use the functions that did not work before activation.

  28. 196

    by Renato Medeiros

    It’s really wonderful.

  29. 196

    by Antônio Fonseca

    highly recommended.

  30. 196

    by Silvestr Vlček

    Everything is ok … no “scam“ … the licensed windows / office move even better

  31. 196

    by Mitat Xhanari

    I bought this package! It’s very Ok, it works, I recommend!

  32. 196

    by Izabel Ferraz

    I am really impressed by how fast you responded to my email. Thank you so much.

  33. 196

    by Quon Quan

    I bought the package for win10 pro and office, I had no problems activating, everything is ok.

  34. 196

    by Aurélio Nakamura


  35. 196

    by Alexandre Queiroz

    Keep up the excellent work. Best. Product. Ever!

  36. 196

    by Emílie Bílková

    I confirm what you said.

  37. 196

    by Fernanda Ramos

    Top!!!!, good Support .Vielen Dank,gerne wieder!

  38. 196

    by Augusto Pinho

    Really good. Absolutely wonderful! It’s incredible. Thanks to licence, we’ve just launched our 5th website!“

  39. 196

    by Ivan Troufal

    At first I was skeptical, I thought it was dumping, but it’s ok

  40. 196

    by Sandro Cordeiro

    We’re loving it. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! We’re loving it

  41. 196

    by Jiřina Němcová

    very good, satisfied with the assistance from the team

  42. 196

    by Věroslav Utěkal

    Thank you very much for purchasing this digital license for Windows 12

  43. 196

    by Hou Shan

    Overall, I am satisfied with the services

  44. 196

    by Vítězslav Bureš

    I bought it today, immediate delivery of both the Office and Windows keys were good.

  45. 196

    by Vítězslav Janoušek

    The office is going to activate it these days.

  46. 196

    by Ledor Lokaj

    I bought 2 and immediately received the licenses by email. I installed them and they work without problems.

  47. 196

    by Xian Xie

    Thanks for the help. And one more thing I just added to microsoft acc

  48. 196

    by Zhong Pi

    After I made the payment I received approx. 5 minutes e-mail with activation codes for Win 10 pro and ms office 2019. The dedicated pdf tutorials were quite easy to follow. It should be mentioned that the installation of ms office requires a daemon tools / rufus utility to create a virtual drive before the actual installation.

  49. 196

    by Radka Šimonová

    if you change the motherboard it doesn’t work anymore, you can change any part but the motherboard doesn’t. Regarding the time it is activated, I have also activated windows for a year and it works luxuriously

  50. 196

    by Rodolfo Borba

    I really do appreciate your ultimate customer care 🙂

  51. 196

    by Ivanildo Quadros


  52. 196

    by Marta Simões saved my business. It’s all good. I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours!

  53. 196

    by Arbrorja Peco

    I join those who confirm that everything is fine, the codes are good, and if you encounter problems, you are given help. 👍

  54. 196

    by Kristián Vlach

    It’s not a spike. I ordered in 5 minutes I received today I activated Windows in order next office. I mention I am not an expert

  55. 196

    by Zhu Kou

    Yes I confirm I’m ok!

  56. 196

    by Sebastião Cabral


  57. 196

    by Xia Chang

    Bought and received on the same day, the licenses are ok, they work perfectly

  58. 196

    by Mateus Vidal

    Serial key is great. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for

  59. 196

    by Yuan Shen

    I bought it 6 months ago for two computers and it works perfectly

  60. 196

    by Ladislav Beránek

    Thanks for the help given in all stages, successful installation on both Windows and office! Thank you again!

  61. 196

    by Dëlirime Hysi

    First license purchased win + office

  62. 196

    by Alceu Linhares

    Very easy to use. I can’t say enough about

  63. 196

    by Sílvio Câmara

    I would be lost without licence. No matter where you go, licence is the coolest, most happening thing around! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for

  64. 196

    by Márcio Ximenes

    It was quick and easy to use. I would recommend it to others, thanks so much.

  65. 196

    by Qian Liu

    I purchased the win 10 Pro license, I followed the installation steps

  66. 196

    by Lu Szeto


  67. 196

    by Igor Tavares impressed me on multiple levels

  68. 196

    by Luo Kung

    Windows 7 is both attractive and highly adaptable

  69. 196

    by Reinaldo Câmara


  70. 196

    by Reginaldo Passos

    Super Fast, thank you!

  71. 196

    by Catarina Lima

    I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Thanks! I will let my mum know about this, she could really make use of! is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased

  72. 196

    by Qiu Ngo

    It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for

  73. 196

    by Gabriel Martins

    Thank You! I will recommend you to my colleagues

  74. 196

    by Nikolas Beránek

    Last night I ordered, I paid, in 5 minutes I received the email and I installed the office. To be honest, I placed the order with distrust, but everything is ok. People are really serious.

  75. 196

    by Alan Beran

    And how long can it be solved from sending the email?

  76. 196

    by Ivan Ošetřil

    I followed the steps exactly and the Office was successfully activated.

  77. 196

    by Natália Moreira

    Service is both attractive and highly adaptable.

  78. 196

    by Irma Urbanová

    Fast and quality technical support, licenses at low prices. Congratulations

  79. 196

    by Conrado Chagas

    We’re loving it. We were treated like royalty. I use serial key often

  80. 196

    by Lang Huo

    I bought it too and I thought it could be a spike, but it wasn’t the big amount at stake. It was not a spike, it was activated without problems.

  81. 196

    by Sun Cheung

    Purchased and installed. I did not encounter any problems, and the attachments for the necessary installations are really well structured and explicit.

  82. 196

    by Lucas Ximenes

    I would also like to say thank you to all your staff

  83. 196

    by Vladislav Jelínek

    It’s not a spike. I have two computers on which I installed the package. It really works. Follow the steps carefully. I had no problems.

  84. 196

    by Henrique Teixeira

    Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction

  85. 196

    by Batula Hisari

    Super fast and easy to install … Thank you very much!

  86. 196

    by Tomás Ávila

    I am a simple customer !!! 5 minutes ago I installed the Office suite, everything intuitive, download link, installation / code entry, etc. I appreciate the seriousness, everything is activated and all right !!! I only activated the Office suite, the key for Windows I haven’t activated yet, I’ll do it later. It is important to have an image emulator on your computer (iso, nrg, img etc) like Daemon Tool (best, I recommend) or Ultra Iso etc to open the downloaded image with the extension .img then I recommend you take a picture with your phone at that Installation ID (that suite of codes to be written in Executables (word, excel, ppt, outlook, etc.), after installing and activating, you find them in the root (usually in C, Microsoft Office, then root then Office 16), to create shortcuts on the screen. I appreciate the professionalism and seriousness !!! Keep it up !!! P.S. : I’m already sending the links with the offer to friends (attention !!! I’m just a SATISFIED customer) !!

  87. 196

    by Oto Bednář

    PS: I will take another kit for another computer!

  88. 196

    by Leoš Souček

    I wholeheartedly recommend!

  89. 196

    by Vastak Amiti


  90. 196

    by Pablo Ribeiro

    The overall user experience was great! I found the forms I needed, I filled in the information, and that was pretty much it.

  91. 196

    by Elísio Miranda

    excellent 5/7

  92. 196

    by Cui Zeng

    I am completely blown away.

  93. 196

    by Sabina Málková

    I recommend, I ordered yesterday and in a few minutes I received the Windows and Office licenses.

  94. 196

    by Davi Aguiar

    It fits our needs perfectly. I’m good to go.

  95. 196

    by Juliano Pereira

    The licenses came electronically within 2 minutes after payment, the installation performed according to the merchant’s instructions went well, without errors. We are waiting to see the behavior along the way.

  96. 196

    by Milton Lopes

    I would also say it was inexpensive

  97. 196

    by Manuel Cordeiro

    I couldn’t have asked for more than this. I wish I would have thought of it first. Buy this now

  98. 196

    by Ctirad Daněk

    It seems unreal to me that in a maximum of 5 minutes you will receive an email with all the detailed and simplified instructions as anyone can activate Win. Congratulations

  99. 196

    by Eric Albuquerque

    Key did exactly what you said it does

  100. 196

    by Tânia Barros

    I am really satisfied with my office 2016. Office 2016 should be nominated for service of the year. Man, this thing is getting better and better as I learn more about it

  101. 196

    by Věnceslav Brotz

    I was impressed by the professionalism of these people, in 25 minutes from my post, they solved the problem that was not their responsibility! Congratulations

  102. 196

    by Yi Wan

    Windows 7 is awesome! I wish I would have thought of it first. We’re loving it. Windows 7 is great

  103. 196

    by Daniel Novák

    With some skepticism I bought the Windows + Office package. Everything was fine. I received the payment confirmation as soon as I made the payment, and the email with the digital licenses in maximum 2 minutes.

  104. 196

    by Marli Jardim

    Service is both attractive and highly adaptable

  105. 196

    by Isaías Pinheiro

    Top Produkt.

  106. 196

    by Ma Moy

    I will refer everyone I know. If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation – windows’s got you covered. It’s really wonderful. We can’t understand how we’ve been living without windows

  107. 196

    by Evelyn Esteves

    I love your system

  108. 196

    by Dila Bardici

    Prompt and answers to any questions. I recommend! 🙂👏

  109. 196

    by Samanta Bitencourt

    It’s really wonderful. I wish I would have thought of it first. Very easy to use. Service is the next killer app.

  110. 196

    by Wan Chern

    WOW super pret!

  111. 196

    by Marisa Pedroso


  112. 196

    by Julius Navrátil

    For the office + Windows package I can activate Windows on one PC and office on another PC

  113. 196

    by Lai Yi

    I bought the plus office license and it works without a problem and I am up to date with the updates

  114. 196

    by Heitor Medeiros

    Perfect. Thank You!

  115. 196

    by Jorge Sanches

     It’s really wonderful. I just can’t get enough

  116. 196

    by Tarion Ymeri

    I bought 2 packages of Windows 10 and Office …

  117. 196

    by Laura Monteiro

    No matter where you go, service is the coolest, most happening thing around! I will let my mum know about this, she could really make use of service! It’s really wonderful. This is simply unbelievable!

  118. 196

    by Çekel Prela

    You can install it as many times as you want and when you want, without a deadline or expiration time.

  119. 196

    by Simone Jardim

    Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I can’t say enough about service

  120. 196

    by Zeng Hsi

    Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! 

  121. 196

    by Butëza Pocoli

    I recommend! I bought this package and I am very satisfied, serious and helpful in activating it.

  122. 196

    by Hugo Pospíchal

    Once again you are very good. I had a problem with a series of activations and in a maximum of one hour I received another that worked. I recommend !!!

  123. 196

    by Irma Janková

    I received everything by email, with installation instructions included.

  124. 196

    by Karolína Přikrylová

    Cheers. It’s good.

  125. 196

    by Fabiana Lourenço

    Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.

  126. 196

    by Benício Rodrigues

    I am really satisfied with my serial key. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! 

  127. 196

    by Oimir Kola

    I also activated win and office without any problems

  128. 196

    by Desa Dosti

    Purchased and activated without problems

  129. 196

    by Zhou May

    I recommend with confidence! It works perfectly, it is updated. The key sent is checked directly at Microsoft, which confirms the originality. Benefit from all the necessary support from the seller!

  130. 196

    by Flávio Matos

    I bought it yesterday, it’s perfect, it works.

  131. 196

    by Jiang Han

    Thanks for the codes, correct activation for Windows

  132. 196

    by Agildo Rocha

    next killer app. Thanks for the great service

  133. 196

    by Viktorie Uhlířová

    you create an outlook on microsoft from the activation menu and you have the key for the life of the pc

  134. 196

    by Lýdie Kuncová

    For those who want licensed Windows and Office, I recommend buying with confidence, because you will be satisfied.

  135. 196

    by Daiana Rezende

    Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer. A++++++

  136. 196

    by Song Jian

    I’m good to go. Windows should be nominated for service of the year

  137. 196

    by Márcio Ramos

    I use licence often. Licence impressed me on multiple levels. Licence has completely surpassed our expectations. I wish I would have thought of it first

  138. 196

    by Oscar Delgado

     had a very easy process, intuitive user interface, and a decent price at the end.

  139. 196

    by Conrado Vila

     I will refer everyone I know. It’s all good.

  140. 196

    by Betina Carmo

    Hope to deal with you again. Thank you.

  141. 196

    by Carlos Serrano

    The online wizard was very simple to use, and the final price was very reasonable

  142. 196

    by Caroline Matos

    Really good

  143. 196

    by Liao Yang

    I took courage 😁 today I bought again a windows license + an Office license for a new laptop. I installed and activated both products (office also by phone). Thank you very much!!!!

  144. 196

    by Hao Jian

    I’d be lost without

  145. 196

    by Lei Tay

    Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Thank you so much for your help. I will let my mum know about this, she could really make use of windows 7! It fits our needs perfectly

  146. 196

    by Mariana Paschoal

    Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. This is simply unbelievable

  147. 196

    by Zi Xu

    I recommend.

  148. 196

    by Nëntorina Nooja

    I bought it and I am satisfied!

  149. 196

    by Marina Correia

    I like service more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier. Service has got everything I need.

  150. 196

    by Osvaldo Mendes

    I really appreciate the quick and detailed responses.

  151. 196

    by Radoslav Komárek

    Purchased and installed!

  152. 196

    by Enrico Chaves

    Easy to use

  153. 196

    by Arberasha Bardulla

    Thanks to the team

  154. 196

    by Frederico Luz

    I am truly impressed.

  155. 196

    by Ylldrita Salihu

    Paid with revolut.

  156. 196

    by Geng Mo

    I recommend with confidence, I bought it yesterday and activated it today … thank you

  157. 196

    by Karolína Létalová

    Thanks for the answers!

  158. 196

    by Mirbardha Surroi

    I bought, I recommend!

  159. 196

    by Gilson Bosco

    Great service

  160. 196

    by Eduard Prusík

    I also successfully installed and activated the Office

  161. 196

    by Miguel Vale

    That was the fastest customer service response over email that I’ve ever received in my life.

  162. 196

    by Gao Guan

    Activation from the first.

  163. 196

    by Alzana Boja

    Very prompt, and nice! Thank you!

  164. 196

    by Moacir Maciel

    I’m okay, I bought both. Fast email support

  165. 196

    by Sun Pao

    I installed and activated both applications without any problems. Thank you

  166. 196

    by Matouš Ošetřil


  167. 196

    by Tian Soo Hoo

    I managed to activate the program. Thank you,

  168. 196

    by Ivan Ošetřil

    I installed Windows and activated it without any problem just by introducing the series.

  169. 196

    by Qiao Lim

    I also bought windows and office. I had problems installing the office, probably because of me, but I was helped by the seller, by guidance by mail. They were very prompt, although it was Saturday and Sunday. pleasure!

  170. 196

    by Františka Mašková

    All you have to do is have a Microsoft account, you attach your license code to your account and on a new installation you no longer need to enter the code, it will activate automatically

  171. 196

    by Zou Hong

    I also bought the Windows 10 Pro and Office ProPlus 2019 Package the other day, and I had problems activating Windows, but the team was very prompt.

  172. 196

    by Tadeu Antunes

    Licence is worth much more than I paid

  173. 196

    by Patrícia Magalhães

    Quick response

  174. 196

    by Lien hua Huang

    Very satisfied I bought 2 licenses go perfectly.

  175. 196

    by Ignác Klapil

    I bought 4 licenses and had no problems

  176. 196

    by Rogério Rocha

    Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!!

  177. 196

    by Pravoslav Štěpán

    I also ordered a license now, and it works

  178. 196

    by Nua Peco

    I finally managed to activate. Make sure you have the correct version of windows installed before applying the code

  179. 196

    by Evandro Saraiva

    I will recommend you to my colleagues.

  180. 196

    by Slavomír Hlaváč

    if you already have Windows 10 Pro installed, all you have to do is activate it!

  181. 196

    by Álvaro Morais

    Fast expedition, Thanks you very much. Everything OK !

  182. 196

    by Lei Shyu

    Impeccable professionalism! Following some changes, we needed to reactivate the Office 2019 license, 6 months after the initial activation. I received quick and clear instructions. I am very satisfied and very pleasantly surprised that things can happen this way too! Thank you !

  183. 196

    by Jing wei Kung

    I received both licenses, I activated both Windows and Office 2019 Pro without any problems. I am very satisfied with your services and I will definitely recommend them to other friends with confidence! CONGRATULATIONS !

  184. 196

    by Fan Chai

    We were treated like royalty. We’ve used windows 7 for the last five years. I just can’t get enough of windows 7. I want to get a T-Shirt with windows 7 on it so I can show it off to everyone

  185. 196

    by Alan Dvořák

    I bought it and the licenses are good, they worked.

  186. 196

    by Stela Holečková

    I bought a Pro license today, I activated it on a newly installed Windows 10 Pro, clean, and what to see, it worked well, it was activated without any problems, now it remains to be seen how long it is activated, and for. those interested, the license is Retail, not OEM,

  187. 196

    by Luděk Klapil

    I bought it today, windows activated

  188. 196

    by Émerson Sá

    License-soft has been of great help and I plan to continue to use your services in the future, for my business needs. Have a wonderful day.

  189. 196

    by Boleslav Klimeš

    everything went extremely simple and easy! That, even if I had to call Microsoft to activate the Office!

  190. 196

    by Lúcio Henriques

    This really is the most incredible service that most website owners should consider using.

  191. 196

    by Yllpar Dreshaj

    I think I’ll get one too, it’s a shame to miss the offer!

  192. 196

    by Xing Wing

    I paid, I immediately received the keys

  193. 196

    by Dai Ni

    Windows is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. Windows is great. We can’t understand how we’ve been living without windows. You’ve saved our business!

  194. 196

    by Maurício Oliveira

    I will let my mum know about this, she could really make use

  195. 196

    by Mário Santana

    What an excellent service. Thank you very much

  196. 196

    by Michel Marques

    I don’t always clop, but when I do, it’s because of service. Service is great. Thanks for the great service. I STRONGLY recommend service to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online business!

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PACKAGE Microsoft Windows 10 Pro & Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus License Key Phone Activation

PACKAGE Windows 10 Pro & Office 2019 Pro Plus License Key (Online Activation)

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