Thank you for shopping at . Please read this policy carefully.
We issue refunds on our products on following terms :

  1. Full refund within 30 Days, if the customer did not receive a licence at all, via Email.
  2. Full refund within 30 Days, if the customer received a unusable licence – but first must contact our support, to determine that licence is not working due to the licence itself and not by some other means (faulty installation, wrong product installed, malware or virus corruption of system files etc..)
  3. NO REFUND if the customer received a working licence. To receive a refund, the buyer has to contact us via e-mail:
    If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us at .

Delivery terms uses e-mail as a way of delivering items.
During working hours (including weekends), most of the codes you have purchased will be emailed to your instantly registered email address. Products that do not allow instant delivery will be delivered between 30 minutes – 8 hours

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